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The "Cipriani Wellness Center" offers beauty of well-being in harmony with yourself and the environment that surrounds you ...
The ski area with its 110 km of slopes is the 7th ski basin in Italy and the first center in south ...
Pescocostanzo - (3 km from Roccaraso)

Pescocostanzo is well-kown as a crowded winter but also summer tourism centre, thanks to its position in the National Park of Majella. Besides its nature beauties Pescocostanzo offers to its visitors many handicraft products and its fame is known outside the regional borders too. Embellished by many Renaissance elements, in the centre pillow laces, wrought iron articles and stone and goldsmith’s works of art can be admired. The ancient Pesculum Costantii was founded in the Middle Ages although its golden age was the 16th century, when its artistic handicraft tradition was already famous.

Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo - (25 Km from Roccaraso)

The National Park of Abruzzo is basically made up of a mountain chain system, whose altitude range varies from 900 mt to 2200 mt above sea level The mountains in the park represent a colourful landscape rich in rounded peaks typical of the Appennini, as well as rocky slopes with a more alpine shape. In the centre of the Park territory the Sangro River is the most important, and many streams flow into it, while others like the Giovenco, Melfa, and Volturno stream out of it. Because of Karsification many are also the underground rivers, thet create resurgences up on the valleys, also outside thea area of the national park.

Sulmona "Città d'Arte" - (39 Km from Roccaraso)

Sulmona is a medieval town, that still preserves town walls parts, important churches, interesting monuments and of course is worldwide known because of the Confetti production (sugar covered almonds). Especially over Easter many sacred representations take place in the town, like the Madonne che scappa in piazza (the “runaway”Madonna”): the statue of the Holy Virgin is carried by young men running towards the statue of the risen Christ. Always Piazza Garibaldi, the most important square in Sulmona during the last week of July many tourists com and see the Giostra Cavalleresca and Corteo Storico, i.e. the Knight tournament and the Medieval Cortège with historical costumes; this event still continues also until the first Sunday in August, when all the tournaments are devoted to the European twinning towns of Sulmona.

Scanno - (75 Km from Roccaraso)

Scanno is situated on the high part of Sagittario valley, next to the National Park of Abruzzo. The village is famous for its lake and for the artistic handicraft; indeed, there are laces, copper and wrought iron objects and jewels like the famous Presentosa, that is a filigreed gold medal. Evocative is the feast that is celebrated in August, “Il Catenaccio”, an ancient bridal procession with the typical costumes of Scanno. Worth a visit is the historical centre of the village. Even though the Romans had built a permanent camp, the first time in the history that Scanno was mentioned was in the act of 1067. In the surroundings remains to be seen the evocative Madonna of the Lake church, on the Scanno lake bank.

Fara San Martino - (39 Km from Roccaraso)

Fara San Martino is known for being one of the international capital towns of pasta. Fara San Martino is situated at the exit of the St. Spirito valley, crossed by the Verde river. A cave is situated in the Gorge of St. Martino, that according to the legend was digged by the arms of St. Martino. Many are the caves in the surroundings of the village, which once were used as shelter by shepherds and brigands. The landscape overlooking the Majella mountains is enchanting. Worth a visit is the Fara natural reserve.

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